Weekend Number One

July 11
We hopped on local transit about noon and headed to Champagne Reef.  It was a quick ride to our snorkeling adventure.  We rented snorkeling gear and a guide took us out to see the reef.  It was beautiful, especially when the sun was out.

After a short rest we headed back to the main road to catch a public van to Scott's Head.  A van which had been hired by two very kind gentlemen from Martinique stopped.  They took us to the isthmus.  From there we hiked up to the top of Scott's head.  It was very windy at the top and the Atlantic Ocean water was quite rough, while the water on the Caribbean side of the isthmus was calm and clear.  An absolutely beautiful spot.  Imagine waking up every day and looking out on the Caribbean and the Atlantic!

View from Scott's Head
Bubbling Pool

Bubbling Pool
The gentlemen kindly shared their van back to Roseau.  We had a bonus stop at a small church and the bubbling hot tub.  Can't really remember the name, but it was a section at the shore, in front of the church that had been sectioned off with rocks.  The hot gas that was bubbling up kept the little pool quite warm.  The gas bubbling up was so hot that one couldn't stand on it for more than a few seconds.

Back for dinner and rest for our 10 o'clock Sunday excursion.

July 12
Off to the east coast of the island.  The island is only 16 miles wide, but with all the twists and turns and ups and downs in the roads, it takes quite a while to get to the other side of the island.  When we reached the coast it was wild, windy and rough.  There was also a lot of vegetation and it felt hotter on that coast.  We stopped to see the dragon's tail in the ocean.  It was the first stop in Kalinago territory.
Sign on the East Coast
The Atlantic
Sign says it all.

Small House on East Coast

View of East Coast
Billy Goat Gruff on Path
The Atlantic
Crashing Waves from Path

Lots of Seaweed

Our Patient Driver

Viewpoint of Dragon's Tail

Dragon's Tail

Next stop, a model Kalinago village.  It was a very interesting and informative tour.  We had fun buying weaving and jewelery made of seeds.

One for Each Chief
Family Hammock

Second last stop, a hike to a waterfall in the jungle and a swim.

The Falls
Path In
Path Out

 Last stop before home... Mero Beach.  A pleasant small beach.  Best of all, it is just a short 20 minute ride from the capital.  It was a steep ride down to the beach from the waterfall.  It seems Sunday afternoon and evening are busy at Mero Beach. Sorry, no pictures of the beach today.  Maybe another day.

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