Overall, the trip was absolutely fantastic!  There were a few glitches that were resolved along the way, but some could be addressed on future trips.

Challenges.....Solutions Used &/or Possible solutions

1.  Not having individual money.
  • Provide each member with an expense form and a daily budget that is to be collected with receipts at the end of each day.
  • Use personal money and be reimbursed by team lead.  

2.  Spending 3 weeks with people you have just met.
  • Find time for yourself - in lobby, on rooftop, in your room, in the yard, etc.
  • Share with your team that you need some down time. 
  • Plan some outings that you would like to do before you leave Ottawa.
  • Discuss food issues/needs and how to address them in-country before leaving Ottawa.
  • Be flexible and allow the group to separate for dinner, or purchase meals and meet up at a restaurant or the hotel.

3.  Being under budget, yet having to spend personal money to go to the pool where we did our debrief.
  •  Include the pool expense in the lunch budget, as the pool visit almost always included a drink and a small snack.  Often it was lunch and dinner.

4.  Organizing events with DAT staff and co-tutors.
  • Consider possible activities before departure from Ottawa.
  • People are busy and distances can be prohibitive
  • DAT staff is busy and sometimes at other workshops or out of country, so plan immediately upon arrival and ensure that everyone is informed.
  • Consider getting together for a snack or drink immediately after school.
5.  Co-tutors can be busy with other things or live long distances
  • Be patient, come prepared for your subject and appreciate all that they do, as they are volunteering their time, the same as us.
  • It all works out in the end because the participants and co-tutors are professional and dedicated.

6.  Resources for Teaching
  • Consider using the in-country budget for resources in Canada instead of Dominica
  • Resources, especially for visual and performing arts are quite expensive in country, as are things like sticky notes and CDs or DVDs.
  • Plan ahead because not all resources are available or are challenging to locate.  We purchased glue in a pharmacy and had to buy finger paint for art.  The department store had a number of resources, but at 3 - 4 times the price of buying them in Canada. 

7.  DAT/CTF Final Debrief
  • Investigate the possibility of doing this the day before the closing ceremonies.  Many of the teachers wanted to visit with co-tutors when the ceremony ended.

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