Convent High School July 20 - July 24

July 20
Today was a busy and interesting day.  We were busy in the lab working on spreadsheets, slide shows and the Internet. All groups settled on to another week of learning, sharing and cooperation.
Visual & Performing Arts


Special Education


When the day was over we set off to meet with the Chief Education Officer. When the meeting was over we came back to the hotel, tested for half an hour before going for lunch at Fort Young.  Yummy roti and fries today.

Chief Education Officer (2nd from left)
At 6:15 Marcus picked us up and drive is to a local radio station, Kairi FM. Every Monday at 6:30 there is a half hour education program. This week we were the invited guests, along with a DAT rep and a Dominican co-tutor.  Reach of us shared information about our area.  It was really fun.  I haven't been in a radio station since I was about 10 years old for Easter Seals.  Things have changed a lot since then!

At Kairi FM
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Today was not the usual routine.  The day started with our regular morning devotions and then 8:30 to class.  At 9 a.m. an HIV/Aids presentation was to begin and finish at 10:25.  The presenter was running a little late, so we continued to work in our classrooms.  The presentation finished by 11.  Snack was followed by 4 mini workshops on hypertension/diabetes, presenting to adults, community building in the classroom and gender equity.  Each of the four groups rotated through the workshops.  Gail and I had fun in the workshop.  We told each group that we had just received news that there would be a test on Friday and that if they did not pass they would not receive their certificates and the union would not pay their transportation.  One group had a lot to say and got quite loud.  We had a hard time calming them down to tell them that our presentation was about hypertension.  Once we got them calm, we asked how their blood pressure was.  They laughed when we told them that and they realized it was just for fun to introduce the topic.  The ICT group was pretty calm about it and the two other groups were a little upset.

At the end of the day we went to the DAT Office to get some photocopying done.  And then over to Fort Young for pool and dinner.

Another great day in Dominica.

Now, I must admit that I had a bit of a panic last night when my wired Internet was not working.  They are changing providers at the hotel.  Fortunately the receptionist contacted the IT people and they got me hooked up again today.  Phew!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Up for another busy day.  Devotions again from 8:05 until 8:30.  Full day of classes.  

Today's ICT focus was integration.  Teachers worked in pairs to create integrated lessons to share with their staff and counterparts in the class.  Everything that we have done has been shared on Google Drive.  

The afternoon was spent at the pool relaxing and enjoying the view while sipping rum punch.  In the evening we returned for kebabs and a drink with our DAT counterparts.  Attendance was low because so many of the DAT members live far away or are out at other workshops and conferences.  Although we were few, we had a good time.  The live music was exceptional.  Our visual and performing arts co-tutors got up and danced to the lively songs.

Once that was finished we returned to the Fort Young pool for a pina coloda, a swim and some star gazing.

Thursday, July 23, 2015
Devotions were a little shorter today, so we were able to get to class a little earlier.  And there we sat, waiting for the computers boot up.  The ICT person had asked someone to turn them on in the server room, but the person had turned on the wrong switch.  So, we played bingo for a few minutes.  It was full card 3x3.  The teachers were funny.  After three words several were calling out bingo. The remainder of the day was spent creating lessons for school.  And thanks to Eggie, one of the participants, we are covered for our 5 minute presentation tomorrow at closing ceremonies.  He had been keeping track of our agenda in a slide show.  ( I am pretty slack about daily agenda, once they have overall guide of course. )  Phew.  He added some pictures from our blog and then some music and we are good to go.  Hurrah.

The after pool ritual happened today for the last time.  We are going to miss the Fort Young pool!  And the amazing view.  Pool finished at 5:30 as we were heading up to the sulfur spring, Screws.  It came highly recommended.  The really hot and cold pools were great, but the price was to high and the music too loud.  Given a choice I would prefer to go to Tia's.  It was more simple and natural.

Dinner at the Old  Stone Restaurant, which was great.  It was a little gem just 2 minutes walk from the hotel. How could we have missed it?

Friday, July 24, 2015
Late start today.  We did not leave the hotel until 7:45.  Today is a one hour wrap up and then closing ceremonies.  We spent some time wrapping up with our classes before the closing ceremonies.  For the ceremonies each group was to prepare a 5 minute presentation.  Of course, we did a slide show.  Not remembering that there was no computer in the auditorium, Robert and I spent 20 minutes trying to get the slide show on a computer that would work.  In the end we managed to pull it together.  Thank goodness.

Shortly after the ceremony there was a 15 minute debrief with the DAT staff.  From there it was a quick trip back to the hotel to get our bags and head north with Marcus, our driver.  Three of us were spending the night in Calibishie to be closer to the airport for our early flight.

We checked in at the Sunrise Gardens.  Wow!  What a great place.  It is a 2 bedroom apartment with a spectacular view.  Gary and Rose were delightful.  Gary gave us a ride to the beach and his carpenter gave us a ride back.  After enjoying the private, spectacular beach we walked in the dark with our flashlight to the POZ Restaurant, owned by a guy from Toronto.  The food was great!  What a way to end.

Up Saturday at 5:00 a.m. for our flight to Barbados.

All in all, a great trip.

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