The Application Process for ETFO Members

Step 1 - Review the Selection Criteria

Criteria for Selection:
  • possess a passion for international development and travel (or work experience);
  • have strong curriculum and teaching leadership experience (specifically with adult     learners);
  • show evidence of flexibility, mature judgment, and a strong willingness to put the team and project needs above personal needs;
  • are knowledgeable and preferably active in their local teacher union.
Thanks to Jim Giles, Executive Assistant, Professional Services, ETFO, for reminding of this  important first step.

Step 2 - The Application (August - October)

Information and Application forms for ETFO members can be found at:

The Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) website:   CTF - Project Overseas
CTF organizes the project and sends over 50 volunteer teachers from across Canada.

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) website:  ETFO - Project Overseas
ETFO sponsors 14 members each year.  The application deadline is late October.  The deadline for 2016 is October 30, 2015.

Application forms are usually available at the end of August of the year before the project.  For example, Project Overseas 2016 forms are available in August of 2015.

**** Start the forms early, as there are a number of requirements, such as letters of references (one from your local union president), an extensive application form and a medical form to complete by the end of October. ****

Step 3 - The Shortlist (November - December)

You will receive a letter and an email from ETFO advising you of whether or not you have made the shortlist for an interview.  The interview is a telephone interview conducted by members of the International Assistance Committee.  It is a 30 minute interview.  I was interviewed on November 17.

ETFO Executive approves the candidates whose names will be forwarded to the CTF for possible final selection.  I  received word by mid-December that my name had been forwarded.

Step 4 -  Final Selection (January - February)

ETFO sends a letter to let you know if CTF has selected you for Project Overseas.  You become a member of the Project Overseas team once the ETFO Executive has approved the 14 selected participants and local presidents have been notified.  For me this happened in early February.

Note:  If you are selected you may need to get shots (malaria, yellow fever, etc.).  You may also have to send your passport for a visa.

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